welcome back to school! and back to procrastinating.

Here at PRISM we love how hard you all work in school. We also know how much fun it can be to slack off. All week we’ll be posting trailers (and occasionally reviews!) of some cool movies (with queer characters in them, of course) for you to avoid doing homework with.

First up is the least academic, least thought-provoking, most pointless but HIGHLY entertaining film of the lot. All Cheerleaders Die (2013) has everything anyone (well, some people) could ever want from a gory horror comedy:

  • a lesbian witch with necromancy powers
  • misogynists who get what’s coming to them
  • cheerleaders
  • zombie cheerleaders
  • zombie man-eating cheerleaders
  • a motorcycle chase
  • a cat
  • (who is also a zombie)

This film is weird. This film requires incredible suspension of disbelief and a dark sense of humor. But, holy fish sticks, it is a campy, gory, awesome trip from start to finish. Go into it with this mindset and you will in no way be disappointed.

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