continuing in the vein of dark comedies

Most romantic comedies follow the same formulaic plot. Girl meets boy. For some reason they fall for each other. They suffer from poor communication. Things fall apart. Boy and girl fix their problems. There’s a happy ending.

Most queer rom coms follow that formula too, but they mix it up in terms of gender and what actually causes the Big Dramatic Problem that drives our little romantic heroes apart.

Joe + Belle (2011) is a little different. Here’s a basic idea of how it goes:

Girl #1 breaks into girl #2’s apartment. Girl #2 doesn’t have time for this. Girls accidentally shoot a man (twice). Now bonded for life due to a shared manslaughter, they decide to dump the body in a river and go on the run. And you know, fall in love in the process.

If you like any combination of foreign films, dark humor (and by this we mean real dark),  and mismatched romance, this is the film for you.

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