this film is a life ruiner

It ruins people’s lives–in the most perfect way possible.

Winner of the Sundance Audience Award in 2011, Circumstance is one of the most beautiful and (not coincidentally) most heartbreaking films out there. The film opens with the return of a wealthy Iranian family’s prodigal son, Mehran, while their teenage daughter, Atafeh, rebels against Sharia law with her orphaned best friend Shireen. Mehran’s descent into religious fanaticism and obsession coincides with Atafeh and Shireen’s descent into love (and therefore, their own kind of madness).

Thematically, it’s a film about family, obligation, obsession, and Iranian youth culture. It’s a coming of age story and a coming to terms story. It’s about dreaming, about realism, and about growing up. It packs a punch.

You’ll need two hours to watch it and twice that many to process.


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