Fall Break Binge-watching Recommendations

Because we all know what you’ll really be doing over fall break.

A lot of good media content is seemingly coming out of Canada (or maybe I’ve just been looking at Canadian media because Canadians).

The first recommendation is a webseries about queer vampire ladies (because really, you’re only sick of STRAIGHT vampires). Carmilla is a modern day adaptation of one of the first Gothic vampire novellas (predating Dracula by 26 years). The webseries follows Laura, a fun-sized bundle of energy and zeal and naïveté, as she decides to investigate the mysterious disappearance of her roommate and several girls in her hall while dealing with her new roommate, a brooding, cookie-stealing, mysterious-dark-red-liquid-drinking, overly philosophical pseudo-hipster going by the name Carmilla (the “going by” becomes important). Joining in on the fun of tiny queer Laura and brooding queer Carmilla are Danny, a tall queer warrior princess, Perry the hall mom, and LaFontaine the other hall mom. It’s beautiful and funny and mysterious and all the characters are just so endearing. Each episode is from 2 to 10 minutes long and there are so far only twenty. It won’t take you long. Here’s the first episode:


The second is another webseries (are we surprised here) is Féminin/Féminin, a delightfully refreshing take on the whole “twenty somethings figuring out love as it pertains to life in a big city with their friends and some beer.” Each episode focuses on the struggles of a character (or of two in a relationship) of a group of woman friends in Québec. It’s mostly in French (with a token English speaker), but don’t worry, there are subtitles. Pretend it’s studying.

The point is, you will laugh. You will relate. You will cry when you realize it’s over and you don’t know enough French to be able to figure out if they’re coming out with a second season. Here’s episode one:


Enjoy and have a great break!

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